Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Drawing Ground or Supply polygons on Eagle Cadsoft

This entry is to log the steps on drawing ground or supply polygons with Eagle Cadsoft

Figure 1. Ground polygon end result

Step 1: Prepare Board 
Step 1. Route all pads accordingly
Step 2: Draw polygon area
Step 2(a). Select Polygon Icon
Step 2(b). Enclose PCB frame with polygon area ( dotted line )

Step 3: Check Polygon to see if in correct layer
Step 3(a). Select the 'info' icon
step 3(b). Double click on any area of the polygon

Step 3(c). Something like this should appear. Ensure that layer is set to '16 Bottom'

Step 4. Rename Polygon to GND or Vs
Step 4(a). Select 'name' icon

Step 4(b). Something like this should appear

Step 4(c). Change name to 'GND'
Step 5. Generate Ground/Supply Polygon
Step 5(a). Select 'Ratsnest' Icon to generate polygon

Step 5(b). Polygon generated
Step 6. Isolate route and track from polygon plane
Initial Isolation : 0inch. Plane very close to route and pad

Step 6(a). Select 'info' icon again

Step 6(b). Click on the drop-down menu on 'Isolate'. Select a suitable value
Isolate at 0.016inch:
Step 6(c). Inspect spacing. Spacing now larger than before and clearer.

This entry would like to convey a special thanks to James Lewis for his video

Eagle Tutorial: Ground Planes with Polygons

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